I am an impressionistic artist, exploring and painting the elemental movement and forever changing state of the sea. I paint in a flow of textures, marks and liquid layers.

Working primarily with oil paint and non-traditional materials, such as spray paints, pastes and hand-mixed paints, makes my work demand motion and visual intrigue. 

Based in North Devon, England, I am surrounded by the sea and daily inspiration to take back to my studio.  I work out of an old barn conversion we completed early 2016.  The white-washed studio has a view of the estuary, sea and distant sand dunes.

Inspired by the hues and shapes of the coastline, my drawing style is a combination of refined colour studies and simplistic line, to emphasise the textures and marks of angular rocks or cotton white clouds.

Inks, watercolours and a fine liner are my trusty sketching mediums on trips to the local beaches, coves and headlands.

G e o r g i a   M o r g a n    A r t   2 0 2 0  -  a l l   r i g h t s   r e s e r v e d