Original oil and mixed paints on canvas. Signed on the edge of canvas. Titled on reverse.

This peice has become a favourite of mine, for the outcome, yes, but equaly the journey and how it makes me feel.

What started off as a painting I disliked, half-finised, I put off working on it, for months even... the week I picked it up and placed it back on the easel, was a tough week where I just needed to let go and feel in control. The rollercoaster of feelings I experienced while painting this peice made me channel it all in. I now gaze at this painting with pure joy, as an entity of bliss, the overwhelming love, has been known to fill my eyes with tears.


Distant Devotion - 60 x 60cm


    G e o r g i a   M o r g a n    A r t   2 0 2 0  -  a l l   r i g h t s   r e s e r v e d